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Our goal is to unravel the complicated and complex
so that every business owner can succeed and
lead a meaningful and purposeful life.

We know that running a business is difficult. Every owner invests an incredible amount of time and resources to grow their business while managing both complicated and complex situations, the foundation of success and failure.

A complicated issue, is one in which “the components can be separated and dealt with in a systematic and logical way that relies on a set of static rules or algorithms.” It may be hard to see, but there’s a fixed order in something that is merely complicated, and that allows you to deal with it in a repeatable manner. Selling on Amazon is a great example. Success is very dependent on rules and algorithms, but once you figure it out, you can keep doing them at will.

A complex issue is one in which you can’t get a firm handle on the parts and there are no rules or algorithms. Things that are complex have no such degree of order, control, or predictability and are much more challenging because its parts interact in unpredictable ways. Managing people and relationships is a great example. You may get lucky once, but whatever you did this time may not have the same result next time.

Most owners are trapped managing complicated situations. This leads to a poor working environment where everyone, owners and staff alike, feel overworked, stressed, undervalued, and ultimately underperform. It’s a major reason why 70% of businesses fail, and the rest are barely profitable.

The solution is a proven 12-step program built on the combination of 2 methodologies that applies to every kind of business, and can be executed by anyone with a grade 5 education.

The first methodology is the Built to Sell™ approach to building great companies. Built to Sell™ recognizes that there are 8 drivers to building an incredibly valuable business; awareness of these drivers is step 1.

The second methodology is the Work the System™ approach to managing the “complicated”. This methodology uses a systems approach to convert all complicated tasks into tasks that become simple, teachable, and repeatable, so that anyone “off-the-street” can execute them with little or no supervision. This is step 2.

The combination of the 2 methodologies is incredibly powerful. Buy identifying the 8 value drivers and systematizing the tasks to support value creation, you now have the ability to focus on business growth, bottom line profitability, and most importantly, the ability to pursue other meaningful opportunities.


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Aurora exists so that every entrepreneur can lead a

Meaningful and Purposeful Life

We are looking for people with
key characteristics.

Can you think your
way out of almost
any problem?

Do you create and deliver content
that is practical, actionable, and
very easy to understand?

Are you always driven
to create better and
more valuable results?

When you join the ACG team,
you’re signing up to change the world:

Most business owners spend their day firefighting and chained to boring routines with little time to pursue their dreams. They work twice as long as employees and 90% earn minimum wage. As if that wasn’t bad enough, for all their effort, less than 5% can sell their business for $1.

Aurora’s 12 step program releases the owner’s shackles giving them the power to focus on profitably growing their business and control their future. When they follow the program they build a valuable business that “works for them” instead of them “working for their business”.

Aurora exists so that every entrepreneur can lead a meaningful and purposeful life.

Everybody at ACG is disciplined at:

Listening to Customers:
The sole purpose of our existence is to generate outstanding value and an exceptional customer experience.

The ability to “get the job done quickly and accurately without excuses, complications or oversight” is the most valuable trait an employee can possess.

Every aspect of our Company operates via documented procedures and systems. We take the necessary time to create and implement systems and procedures to manage all recurring tasks and problems. Building and maintaining these systems is the best use of our time.

Everybody deserves a chance to succeed in work and life. In order to succeed, people need help.

We help by guiding our clients with proven methodologies to maximize business value and control their future. If you are smart, communicative, driven and want to join our mission, apply today.

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